Races 2011

All subject to change and girlfriend's approval...

Would like to do at least one road marathon to gauge my time.

Fitzroy Falls, Mount Solitary, Sri Chinmoy, and TNF100 are all definites.

Great North Walk I am undecided whether to try the 100 mile or 100 km option - perhaps neither. Will decide closer to August.

Fatass - Megalong Mega 36km - 6th February

Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon - 27th March

Mount Solitary 45km - 25th April

The North Face 100 - 14th May

M7 Cities Marathon - 31st July

City to Surf - 14th August

Blackmores Sydney Marathon - 19th September

Fitzroy Falls Marathon - 8th October

Great North Walk 100 - 12th November (To be decided on 1st August)