Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slow Progress

The holiday weight is slowly starting to fall off. Down from 86kg to 82.2kgs in just a few weeks. Havent changed a great deal in my diet, just exercising which seems to help. Obviously drinking less booze now ive returned which is probably a major factor although i have no intention of cutting it out completely. Not when the weather is like this!

Slowly easing back into my running. Conscious not to do too much too soon to irritate my ITB. All feeling well so far.

First runs back were pretty demoralising. Heart rate has been massively elevated. Im talking easy runs leaving me with an average HR in the 170's. Fortunately, things are beginning to turn normal again as my speed is coming back and my HR is falling.

Was in the Blue Mountains last weekend and planned to run to the top of Pluvi and back for 52km. Set out far to hard really for my fitness. Hit coxes river in 1hr 20 and then slowly began to lose the plot. Turned into a scorching day and i turned around after the 17km point. Glad i did as the return leg was a nightmare. Nellies Glen totally ruined me and I pretty much walked back most of the way. 34km in 3hrs 59. The 1500metres of climbing certainly played their part as im still feeling it even today. However, I think that run did me the world of good as it got my blood pumping.

I returned back to the house adamant that i would not be running the Fitzroy Falls Marathon nor GNW100. Funny what a days rest can do though as come Monday I was again super pumped for the next two races.

I dont think i am going to do myself justice and my chances of being close to a 3hr finish at Fitzroy are rather slim. But it will be a fun morning nonetheless. Im not in racing condition so I need to reset my goals. If I finish under last years time of 3.09 i'll be happy.

GNW100 is a different beast altogether. I have to say that im pretty intimidated by the monster. Again, im in no shape to hang with the big boys and i'll do well to finish. I have to stick with my game plan of going sub 30 whilst not allowing myself to get caught up in the excitement at the start of the race - as this will inevitably come back to haunt me. Its going to be a learning experience and im really excited.

I havent hit a 100km week for over 2 months now so thats my focus for the next month. This week should see me eclipse that then i need to concentrate on maintaining some consistency.

Definitely need to get myself out with the Ultra168 boys on the GNW100 course soon as the training will be invaluable. Life has just been getting in the way as it tends to do but i should be good for a couple of hit outs before the big day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fat Boy Slim

Well im back in Australia after more than 3 weeks overseas. I had a great time eating and drinking my way around Europe with zero running to my name. Not the best preparation for the Fitzroy Falls Marathon next month on the GNW100 in November but im not going to worry about that.

I managed to put on 6 kilos in 3 weeks which is a pretty good effort. Needless to say i've felt a little sluggish on my return. I've managed 2 runs of 30km and 20km and have not had any knee pain. So fingers crossed the rest has done me the world of good.

Weighing in at 86 kilos isnt going to do me any favours when trying to get close to 3hrs for Fitzroy next month but its all part of the journey.

My plan now is to slowly ramp up my training whilst still doing my strengthening exercises to stop my knee pain from returning. Im conscious now of not doing too much.

Other news, i'm house hunting and hoping to get in before Christmas. So the large majority of my weekend mornings will be taken up looking at apartments. This will restrict me from joining the merry band of runners who'll be going up to GNW every weekend to familiarise themselves with the course. I'm not too bothered about not seeing the course. I've never recced a course in my life and actually find it quite exciting not knowing what is around the corner. However, come race day i'll need to have my wits about me so as not to get lost.

Looking forward to the next couple of months and by the time January swings around i'll have a serious aerobic base for a proper training build up and a crack at a sub 2.45 marathon time in 2012.