Monday, September 12, 2011

Fat Boy Slim

Well im back in Australia after more than 3 weeks overseas. I had a great time eating and drinking my way around Europe with zero running to my name. Not the best preparation for the Fitzroy Falls Marathon next month on the GNW100 in November but im not going to worry about that.

I managed to put on 6 kilos in 3 weeks which is a pretty good effort. Needless to say i've felt a little sluggish on my return. I've managed 2 runs of 30km and 20km and have not had any knee pain. So fingers crossed the rest has done me the world of good.

Weighing in at 86 kilos isnt going to do me any favours when trying to get close to 3hrs for Fitzroy next month but its all part of the journey.

My plan now is to slowly ramp up my training whilst still doing my strengthening exercises to stop my knee pain from returning. Im conscious now of not doing too much.

Other news, i'm house hunting and hoping to get in before Christmas. So the large majority of my weekend mornings will be taken up looking at apartments. This will restrict me from joining the merry band of runners who'll be going up to GNW every weekend to familiarise themselves with the course. I'm not too bothered about not seeing the course. I've never recced a course in my life and actually find it quite exciting not knowing what is around the corner. However, come race day i'll need to have my wits about me so as not to get lost.

Looking forward to the next couple of months and by the time January swings around i'll have a serious aerobic base for a proper training build up and a crack at a sub 2.45 marathon time in 2012.


  1. Hmm fit by January? Thought of having a crack at Bogong2Hotham?

  2. well...theres more to life than running (especially if yr drinking in europe)sounds like it might clean out all the niggles anyway