Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back into it

This week i've had a breakthrough. The last couple of days worth of running have felt easy and comfortable. Finally!

My fitness is obviously coming back and things are getting a little easier. The first couple of weeks back were super hard. It seemed the effort i was putting in wasnt being reflected in my times or HR. Now it seems they are and thats a great confidence boost.

121.8km all up this week
6 runs (took sunday off)
10hrs 43 mins

Probably the best run of the week would have to be the run up to Frenchs Forest. I took it nice and easy and felt great the whole way. Could have carried on for another 20km. Hit the half marathon mark in 1hr 38 which was a nice feeling:

Next week im going to definitely have to get my runs in before work as its looking like a scorcher. Im absolutely terrible at getting out of bed if I dont have to but this week I DO have to.

I plan to run the Fatass Megalong Mega next Sunday. 36km over some great trails in the Blue Mountains. Meant to be pretty gruelling but will be good fun! No taper for this run as its not really a race just a good hit out with like minded people. Perfect.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not a great week

This week hasnt been great for me in terms of running.

I had planned to wake up early most mornings and sneak in a run before work but I just lacked all motivation to do so when my alarm went off. Since there are no immediate races coming up  I couldnt justify getting out of bed when I really didnt want to -so I didnt.

My hamstrings have been super super sore from the sprint session on Monday night. I havent sprinted like that in ages, felt good to run fast. This soreness has really prevented me from doing anything substantial all week and i'll probably skip the sprint session tomorrow as im still not right.

I wont go into much detail about my runs this week. All up ive had 6 runs, 72km in 5hrs 51 minutes.
Not where i want to be but im conscious im still coming back from injury.

Next week I plan to run alot more at a conservative pace. I havent done a long run over 30km in quite some time so i need to build on my endurance. This is the plan for next week - lets see how I get on!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally Running Again

At last im back to good health and running again. My hip feels good enough to run on so ive been easing myself back nice and slowly. I've made a conscious effort not go crazy so im sensibly upping the mileage little by little.

Last week i managed 60.75km with my longest run being 25km on the Great North Walk track. Really rough going, hot and not good running .Took 4hrs but i felt awesome afterwoods.

This week i managed slightly more - 80.5km. Longest run being a 29.5km effort after work on Thursday.
I had planned to wake up this morning and clip of 40km but once i woke the motivation wasnt there. I also got badly burnt on my run the previous day so i just didnt fancy going out in it. So i hit the gym instead and concentrated on some hip strengthening and plyometrics.

The plan next week is to start my morning runs again followed up with my runs home.

Bit gutted as well as I was too late posting my entry for the Centennial Park 100km event in February. I had set my sights on this but will have to find something else to do instead. Could have been too soon to race after my injury anyway so its probably not a bad thing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

End of 2010

Well i havent blogged for some time due to my hip injury, so there has been practically no running in December. Very little gym work too....

2010 stats are as follows:
2090 stats in red:

2806km - 252hrs - 63,355 metres of elevation, 173, 130 calories burnt.
683km - 60hrs - 22,373 metres of elevation, 46,365 calories burnt.

So not big mileage by any standard. I was fairly inconsistent and had a couple of months of zero running due to injury. Hopefully 2011 will see me build on that.

This year i'd like to achieve a sub 3hr marathon, achieve a sub 10hr 100km time and complete my first 100 miler.

Lots of things to aim towards and look forward too.

Meanwhile, the last 2 days i have managed a 6km and a 10km run with no hip pain! Very pleased but im cautious to take it easy. Will be looking to build on this and hopefully in the next couple of weeks get my mileage back up to where it should be.