Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not a great week

This week hasnt been great for me in terms of running.

I had planned to wake up early most mornings and sneak in a run before work but I just lacked all motivation to do so when my alarm went off. Since there are no immediate races coming up  I couldnt justify getting out of bed when I really didnt want to -so I didnt.

My hamstrings have been super super sore from the sprint session on Monday night. I havent sprinted like that in ages, felt good to run fast. This soreness has really prevented me from doing anything substantial all week and i'll probably skip the sprint session tomorrow as im still not right.

I wont go into much detail about my runs this week. All up ive had 6 runs, 72km in 5hrs 51 minutes.
Not where i want to be but im conscious im still coming back from injury.

Next week I plan to run alot more at a conservative pace. I havent done a long run over 30km in quite some time so i need to build on my endurance. This is the plan for next week - lets see how I get on!


  1. Hey Mate
    Sorry to hear you're not on top form...yet. There's no rush, get yourself sorted before you push yourself, and make sure you're fit and strong for TNF in May.