Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long Runs

I haven't run since Wednesday due to extra-curricular activities, namely boozing but this weekend I had planned on doing back to back runs and I wasnt going to let a severe hang-over stop me.

I awoke Saturday morning dazed and not feeling fantastic but I had intentions of doing a 2 hr run. I staggered out of bed, put my running gear straight on, threw back some water, filled up my camelbak with a nuun tablet and more water and out the front door I went.

My planned route was from my house (Neutral Bay) to my gorgeous girlfriend's
parents house in Frenchs Forest. To leave Neutral Bay you have to run up Wycombe Road which is 900 metres of steep hill. Not fun on the best of days. I was only 100 metres up it when Phill drove past. I was very much looking forward to finishing this run!

The terrain is undulating roads for roughly 10km until I hit a national park. Only then do I forget about my hangover and begin to enjoy myself. The pains in my legs go and I forget about the run and just enjoy the scenery. The trail is pretty hard going in sections and im often reduced to a walk but its fantastic being on your own out there. The next 12kms fly by and before I know it i've made it to my destination and Im greeted by 2 mad dogs and an awesome sandwhich.

Time: 2hrs 6 mins
Distance: 21.89km
Average pace: 5.45 min/km

Feeling more refreshed today I set off on another planned 2 hr run. I fancied running somewhere new so I set off in the direction of Taronga Zoo. I discovered some nice runnable trails along the coastline and turned round for home after 55mins when the trail I was on abruptly stopped. I went home the same way and felt good and fresh. Some decent hills on the way which I tackled with relative easy today.

The run wasn't without it incidence though. As I initially set off I felt hypo and began sweating profusely. Im not sure why this was but I was feeling instantly drained and just wanted to lie down and eat. I had $5 in my pocket and considered stopping to grab something to eat, however I knew this feeling was only temporary so I slowed my pace and continued. After about 15mins I was back on form and feeling good.

Always a good experience to feel rough on a training run because if it happens in a race you will have the confidence that you'll soon feel better.

Time 1hr 47mins
Distance: 20.56km
Average pace: 5.14mins/km

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