Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rest Days

The importance of rest days is not to be underestimated. Whilst running, the body is put under severe stress and muscle fibres are broken down. Rest allows the body to repair and come back stronger.

Im a strong believer in resting the body but there are athletes out there who insist on training every day. Each to their own. I personally would lose motivation if I ran every day and I also don't think my body would appreciate it.

A strong theme among ultrarunners is do double up your long runs on the weekend. That is, to do a long run on a saturday and then another long run on a sunday to get get your body used to running when fatigued. This is something im yet to do, but in order to successfully complete The Glasshouse 100 miler I shall have to use this approach.

Last night was just an easy jog home. 6km average 5min/km. Nothing to report, things felt good.

2 days of rest coming up for me now and then some runs over the weekend.

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