Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Record Breaking Run

Well really its was a record breaking running home run. And just a personal record...

11km exactly to run home and I regularly do this averaging around 50 mins.

The last time i pushed the pace I managed 48 mins 40 secs and this was on Wednesday October 20th. So almost a month ago.

Well yesterday, mid afternoon I suddenly felt like having another crack. I had been doing hill sprints with NRG the previous night and my legs felt a little heavy but I thought I would just go for it.

I set my garmin racing partner to 4 min 20 km to give myself some breathing space and off i went. I knew I had to get a quick start as the course goes rises to almost 800ft of elevation and takes your breath away when you hit the bridge. So, go out quick and maintain until the bridge and then I should have a decent cushion for the relentless uphill to home.

1st km in 4:08 - felt nice and not to difficult
2nd km in 3:45 - didnt feel like i was flying but pushing the pace. Travelling nicely along the coast
3rd km in 3:53 - slight incline then onto some flat running
4th km in 3:57 - feeling comfortable and working my way around the opera house. Not looking forward to the stairs. Cushion is building though so can afford to lose time
5th km in 4:19 - Still bang on target but considerably slower. Struggle to move through the crowds
6th km in 4:42 - race up the stairs like i've never done before. Heart rate through the roof then race up more stairs until im onto the bridge. Normally slow down to catch my breath my force myself to continue on
7th km in 4:03 - surprisingly quick km here. Nice bonus as im bounding across the bridge. Didnt feel fast
8th km in 4:27 - unsurprising slow down here. Legs burning and im crawling up a fairly decent grade hill. Time still in the bank though. Feeling confident
9th km in 4:09 - ah, thats more like it. Cant fail now, looking forward to finishing
10th km in 3:49 - Adrenaline surging through my body as im getting ever closer to home. Hills are beginning to hurt
11th km in 3:45 - Last big push and im home.

45min 03 sec

Really happy to have taken off over 3 minutes from my previous time. Next goal is to get under 45 minutes but the thought makes me feel sick so will probably wait another month before I have another crack.

Just over a month ago I was never running sub 4 minute km's and now they seem to be appearing more often which is really exciting. Seems like more of muscle fibres are firing and im loving it. Heart rate still through the roof but thats going to happen when I push it hard.


  1. thats faster than a f....n car commute mate, and uphill!

  2. WOW! Gotta push myself harder as well. Running the same distance once a month to do new personal records should be a great idea :) I'll try to find a great running line I can run and see whether my time has improved from last time or not.

  3. Awesome stuff - thats a decent climb onto the Bridge and up to Crows Nest - you ran an awesome time. Inspired me to get out and crack out some speed work today.

  4. That's terrific..... speedy and terrific!