Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Summary - 08/11/10 - 14/11/10

Monday (pm) 12.28km (1hr 3mins) - road - Run to running club. Nice and easy, nothing to report
Monday (pm) 7km - road (36mins) - Hill sprints. Hard work. Managed to get heart rate up to 200bpm on the final one.

Tuesday (pm) 12.36km (59mins 43sec) - road - Run home. Stopped off at shops to pick up food.

Wednesday (am) 16.17km (1hr 13min 12sec) - road - Nice progressive run. Start slow and built up. 7 min negative split.
Wednesday (pm) 11km (52min) - road - Run home from work. Nice and easy.

Thursday (am) 16.08km (1hr 12 min 10 sec) - road - Same as Wednesday, slightly faster with 8 min negative split. Feeling great.

Friday - Struck by lazyitis

Saturday (am) - 20km (1hr 58min) - trail - Felt terrible. 33 degrees, hungover and just not good running weather. Trail very technical with tricky footing. Had to dunk myself in a river to cool off. Too hot to do anything decent today. 500ml water + nuun, 500ml sports drink, 500ml water

Sunday (am) - 29.29km (2hr 28min) - road - Another scorching hot day. However things felt much easier. Legs felt great, drank plenty. Finished off by having a dunk in the sea. 1litre water + nuun, 1litre sports drink

Total - 124.43km (10hr 24min 29sec) - 8 runs

Fairly decent week. Legs feeling good which is positive news as my marathon is in a couple of weeks.
Had a massage on Saturday and i was labelled a freak due to the tightness of my whole body and my utter lack of flexibility. Had my IT band loosened up which felt great. Therapist surprised that my knees do not trouble me. Might make the massage a regular thing.

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  1. agree about the heat....ran in the bush same temp..really saps the energy, feeling abit sunstruck today after going to the beach your pounding out the kms...well done..!!