Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Slow return to running

Its been well over a week since I last blogged and that was due to my first DNF at Glenbrook Marathon.

Just 4km i tripped and fell hard on my hip. Extremely painful and I was hoping I could run it off. However running into the 18km aid station I just couldnt take it any more, so that was the end of that.

A week of no running and I tentatively ran 11km home on Monday. Still some pain but ok to run. Tuesday off and tonight was another run home which felt incredibly hard - however I wasnt hurting. Just some slight niggly pain when I arrived home. As long as I stay away from speed work I should be ok. I predict another 2 weeks before im back to normal.

In the meantime im planning a fairly long run on Friday in a bid to keep me out of the pubs. Havent looked at the route but it will be mainly road and most likely an out n back of 40 - 50km depending on how my hip holds up. If it hurts i'll cut loose, no point pushing it.

Looking into January I have my sights set on the Narabeen All Nighter 12hr race. This will be a fairly brutal test of how I cope running when tired - with no practice im not very confident. Also the mental toughness required to go round and round a 3.3km route will be something else which i'm unsure about.

Anyway, im alive and im running again and thats the main thing! Life is good!


  1. Sorry to hear of the injury, and hope you'll pull through soon. Make sure you give yourself a good chance to recover properly so you don't delay your return the the racing arena at full strength.

    January all nighter sounds like a tough mental challenge, especially on a short circuit - will be a good test and great training for the longer ultras.

    Rest well, listen to your body and recover soon,

  2. sorry to hear it mate...after all your training thats a bummer....Narrabeen sounds like a bastard. horrific even, what a test of mental stamina..