Saturday, December 18, 2010

Still Injured

Well another week of no running due to my persistent hip injury.

Last weekends plans went out the window after I only ran 11km on the friday. Oh well, this could be a long old process.

Heading down to the gym to hit the treadmill today. If i put the machine on the highest incline and plod along at 9km/hr i still get a pretty decent workout without irritating my hip.

Just dying to get out there and run properly.

Spent too many hours in the pub this week as a result of my injury, not feeling great about myself. Just hoping I'll heal in time for the 100km race on Jan 8th....


  1. Hope you recover soon mate. Don't do anything silly though.

  2. feel for you mate...hate it completely..resting takes just as much endurance as running