Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Summary 14/03/11 - 20/03/11

Not much to report this week. Feeling really strong and running well.

Conscious not to run too well and over-train - the aim is to save my best for race day!

Mileage not quite where I wanted it to be this week but thats ok. Drinks on Paddys day and then a wedding meant I took it easier which is just good recovery time for the body.

Monday was the bog standard run to NRG then interval hill sessions. Felt super great doing the hill session - look forward to this every week.
(PM) 10.29km  - 47min 32sec - 4.37min/km
(PM) 11.27km - 50min 13sec - 4.27min/km

Tuesday I managed to drag myself out of bed for a morning jog. Certainly not fast by any means but felt good to loosen the legs up after Monday's session. My afternoon run home felt surprisingly easy. Would have been a record run home just a few months ago.
(AM) 15km - 1hr 9min 10sec - 4.36min/km (500ml water)
(PM) 11km -  46min 59sec - 4.15min/km (500ml water)

Wednesday was a longish run after work around Neutral Bay. Felt tough and I was pleased once it was over.
(PM) 20.10km - 1hr 33min 49sec - 4.40min/km (500ml water)

Thursday morning was a decent run. A few drinks after work was the plan so this motivated me to get my run in early.
(AM) 16km - 1hr 10min 41sec - 4.24min/km (500ml water)

Friday I really didnt feel like doing too much. So just a run home which i cut short as I visited the supermarket to get some supplies. This run was fantastic! I hadnt planned on running it this fast, but after the first 2 kilometers passed in under 8 minutes I thought I would hold on and see what i could do. I thought my heart was literally going to explode through my chest as I was running up the stairs on the harbour bridge. The hills up to Crows Nest also played a part but I was moving well. If I had carried on all the way home at that pace i would have shattered my previous run home record by 1 second! woo hoo!
(PM) 10km - 39min 13sec - 3.55min/km

Saturday I woke up at 5am as my alarm went off. I had planned a 50km route but really lacked all motivation to get out of bed. So I turned my alarm off and rolled over. Then my girlfriend hopped out of bed to use the bathroom and I followed. Once i was up and i decided i would then go for a run. Well, I stepped outside into a storm. At that point I thought my 50km run was just going to be 10kms and then I was going home to bed. As it turned out I was running well and quite enjoying the rain. However I was getting cold and after a while the rain was becoming more of a nuisance. Besides I was starving having not eaten anything apart from a museli bar.I decided to cut my losses at 30km and head home for a warm shower. Then it was a drive down south for a wedding. Sunday morning I actually felt a little stiff in my left calf and the rain was still hammering down so i decided Sunday was to be a full rest day.
(AM) 30km - 2hr 6min 55sec - 4.13min/km (500ml water + 1 museli bar)

Total 123.71km - 9hr 4mins

Next week will probably be slightly less mileage as I prepare for the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon on Sunday. I wont be tapering but I will probably take the saturday off so my legs feel relatively fresh.

The aim is to beat last years time of 1hr 34. Pretty confident if all goes well I should smash this considering I ran a 1hr 30 half on my saturday run. I'll be happy with anything under 1.30 - then pancakes afterwards!

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  1. You are very fast!!! Pancakes were well deserved :-)

    Gotta run.