Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Summary 28/02/11 - 06/03/11

This week didnt go quite to plan.

I was forced to take it easy as I think i somehow strained my lower abdominal muscles last saturday.

No idea how this occurred but running hard seemed to aggravate it.

So i skipped Monday's sprint session and just ran home instead. Stopped off at the gym and did a short hill session.
(PM)11.27km  - 53.33mins  - 4.45min/km (500ml water)
(PM) 5km - 25min -  5min/km - treadmill

Tuesday was another run home. Stopped off at Mrs Macquaries Chair and did 10 stair sprints.
(PM) 12km -  1hr 1min 23secs  - 5.06min/km  (500ml water)

Wednesday was another run home.  There's a theme here. I set my alarm for a morning run once this week then sacked off the idea. I always run fast in the morning which i knew wouldn't be a good idea - so I gave myself a break from that.
(PM) 11km - 47.56min - 4.21min/km (500ml water)

Thursday was a decent run around centennial and queens park then home.
(PM) 25km - 1hr 56min - 4.38min/km (500ml water + 1 museli bar)

Friday - pub!

Saturday I jogged down to Lane Cove National Park and did a good trail run. Really slow going in alot of the places due to the terrain but that was fine with me. Had no intentions of killing myself. Ran on lots of new trails so it was nice to slow it down and take it all in. I ended up at Thornleigh Oval and then jogged home. Was cold and wet for most of the run but the time flew by.
(AM) 39.14km - 3hrs 40min 14sec - 5.37min/km (1.5litre water + 1 nuun, 2 museli bars, 1 plain bagel)

Sunday I woke up and my legs felt pretty fresh. Due to general lack of imagination I decided to run to centennial park and do my usual. I started off at a fairly pedestrian pace and then somehow got quicker and quicker. Didnt even feel Saturday's effort in my legs so I decided to just go along with it and  try to hold a decent pace. A few quick kms in there and I felt great the whole way. Even went through the half marathon mark in 1hr 33 quite comfortably and sped up from there.
Its great when a run feels super easy. A real confidence booster.
(AM) 35km - 2hrs 31min - 4.18min/km (1litre water, 1 museli bar)

Weekly Total - 138.45km - 11hr 15min 11sec

Pleased with the way the week ended. Good to get 2 fairly long back to back runs in. Really keen to keep working on my pace. Dont want to become a shuffler. Come a long way this last year with my running, some massive improvements and its motivating to see some positive results.

The body is holding up pretty well. Apart from my annoying ab strain I seem to be ok. Just need to work on hauling myself out of bed for my early runs..