Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Much Happening

I havent been blogging as i havent been doing a great deal.

Mileage isnt where i want it to be as i've been dealing with a niggling ITB injury. Having the patience to not run is the biggest struggle. I've been working on core strength and lots of leg exercises and stretching diligently.

70kms last week and nothing this week. Leg is feeling heaps better so i hope to slowly build up.

My plans for a debut 2.49 road marathon now looks seriously optimistic. I think im going to need to re-evaluate this based on my current level of training. I'll probably be lucky to break 3hrs. The next couple of weeks will be telling..


  1. Hey Ian - I've totally cleared up my ITB with 'Walt Reynolds' ITB Special'. Instructions at They strengthen the medial glute which lifts the hips and shortens the distance the ITB needs to stretch, reducing the friction. Worth a shot.

  2. Interesting link there. Not entirely sure about the logic - it is about strengthening the m.g. but it's a weird way of doing it. He has taken the three main m.g. strengthening and hip stabilising exercises and rolled the easiest part of each into one. Phone book one-leg squats, floor-crab, and wall-resistance-ball crab. Might be better to just go old school and do all three of those instead.
    In NSW (possibly all Australia) if you get a referral from your g.p. saying that your injury is from doing sport, then you can go for free treatment at your nearest government-operated sports medicine clinic. I've been seeing an awesome physio at Concord through this and it costs nothing, which is a bit crucial when you need weekly visits to get it properly sorted. Sounds like same problem too, pretty typical one for people whose main training is to fatigue their muscles then see what they can handle : )

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks Nick and Roger

    Currently doing those exercises so fingers crossed. I'm chronically lazy when it comes to actually looking after my body so I need to stay on top of this and I should be fine

    Free treatment sounds pretty good. Might need to look into that

  4. im doing excercies for achilles tendonitis...after two weeks totally clear after 7 months of not doing the exercises