Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Summary 06/06/11 - 12/06/11

Had an ok week of running. I was interstate for work the first couple of days of the week so didnt really do too much. A couple of quick runs here and there topped off with a great recce of the Great North Walk 100 course with a few ultra legends of the sport.

Some slight knee/ITB niggles which are irritating me - if this continues i'll have to look to get down to the acupuncturist to fix me up.

Monday - 5.56km - 21min 48 secs - 3.55min/km
Quick run whilst in Melbourne around a local park. Felt relatively easy and would have happily knocked off 10km at that pace if i had the time.

Wendesday - 22km - 1hr 34min 43sec - 4.18min/km
Run from work to Frenchs Forest. Felt pretty strong the whole way. Happy with the run.

Thursday - 13.62km - 54min 23sec - 3.59min/km
Another boring road run. Went out a bit too quick and felt like packing it in after 6km then came good again a few km's later.

Saturday - 41.32km - 4hrs 11mins - 6.04min/km
Awesome time running with Andrew Vize and Darrel Robins of 'Ultra168' and Beth and Brian Cardelli. We ran part of the Great North Walk course from Checkpoint 4 - 6. Will be a super tough run in November with the heat but I cant wait. Andrew has written a more eloquent write up here.

Sunday - 10.20km - 52min 41sec - 5.09min/km
Recovery run around the Cascades. Keeping my heart rate low (142 bpm) - something I havent done in a long time. Due to the excessive rain the creeks were overflowing which was good fun. Felt easy but my right knee was playing up. Need to get rolling.

Total - 92.67km - 7hrs 55mins

I finally feel like i'm getting back into the swing off things after TNF100. Body certainly not 100% but I dont think it ever has been. Will be looking to work on speed in the upcoming weeks which means mileage will suffer but thats cool. Its great to change it up and i'll have plenty of opportunities for big mileage running in the lead up to GNW later this year.

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