Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great North Walk Build Up

Great North Walk 100 miler next saturday and im super excited.

I certainly havent done nearly as much training as I should have but regardless it should be a fun day.

The only concern is a lingering ankle niggle which is bothering me. I think I landed awkwardly jumping from a height a few weeks back in minimal footwear and may have tweaked something. Seems to scream when I turn a sharp corner so I need to be careful. Not sure if i'll strap it or not as I havent practiced running whilst strapped up and it could cause blisters. Will see.

In the meantime my nathan elite 2v water belt has come. Great piece of kit. Sits comfortably round the waist. Will have one bottle rammed full of perpetuem and the other with water and nuun. I will also carry a small camelbak. Need to test this out  but I think I should be able to carry all my kit using this equipment. Will  be tight but i'll test run this week.

Tapering is going well. Seems like the last 4 months have been a taper for one reason or another. Highest mileage month in ages was last month where i only hit 400km. Pretty minimal for what im about to encounter. Having said that my fitness feels pretty good lets just hope the body holds up. I'm mentally feeling super solid, have never really suffered from that aspect though. As long as I dont suffer a serious injury i should be a safe bet for a finish next Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the course.


  1. Good luck Ian, I'm sure you'll kill it!

  2. Hey Ian I saw you finish 8th great work, love the photo please keep them coming as my friends and I love following u. Not much running men in Tokyo hehehehe