Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Great North Walk

I started back running this week. Went for a slow 5km run on Thursday on the treadmill which felt great. Then yesterday did a fairly quick 5km run around my new area in 19 minutes. This actually felt pretty good. The 4th kilometer was a struggle but aside from that it was happy days.

This week will be back to regular runs home from work. Its a 14km trip which is a decent amount with a monster hill thrown in at the 6km mark. I'm also going to investigate running into work. Need to find out where the showers are located etc. A few double days a week of 28km's should help to improve me.

I'm going to hold off going to NRG running club for another week as I dont want to rush back into the fast stuff too soon.

Below are some pictures from the Great North Walk that have just been released. Good memories from a great day out.

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  1. nice pics....thanks for the comments on my post. agreed, makes work bearable, sort of.