Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Reduced Weekly Summary

Didn't mean to run such little mileage this week but thats the way it turned out.

I was interstate on Wednesday and Thursday and used the time to enjoy myself and break from running and then  today I didnt do anything as my achilles were both a little sore. I figured ive already built up a pretty decent base so not point going for overkill for the sake of it so close to race date.

Had a tough sprint session on Monday which was on the flat - I didnt hold back and did 8 all out 100 metre sprints. Felt great doing this but always regret it the next day as my hamstrings were sore for most of the week.

A highlight or actually a lowlight was Saturdays run. I had planned 50km around Bobbin Head but got up late and hadnt planned on the day being too hot. I probably set out a little too fast particularly after the fast 20km the night before and slowly died once i had exited the national park after the good climb. I had only enough money for a train fare and couldnt bare the thought of running 12 more kms home as i was beginning to overheat and my achilles were sore so I jacked it in. Probably a sensible approach. I have never been more covered in salt. My arms, face, bag, and shirt were all caked in it.

So another light week and I doubt I'll be doing anything above 100km from now until Mt Solitary Marathon on Easter Monday then The North Face 100.

Monday (PM) 10.36km - 49min 5sec - 4.44min/km
              (PM) 10.79 - 56min 41sec - 5.15min/km

Tuesday (PM) 11km - 48min 56sec - 4.26min/km

Friday (PM) 20km - 1hr 23sec - 4.09min/km

Saturday (AM) 38.29km - 3hr 3min 27sec - 4.47min/km

Total - 90.45km - 7hrs 1min

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