Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Summary 10/04/11 - 17/04/11

Super pumped for the Mt Solitary 45km on Easter Monday.

Total elevation 3000 meters and you have to carry compulsory survival gear. Not your average marathon...

No idea how this one is going to pan out but im going to give it a real good crack. As long as I manage to stay on 2 feet and not do anything stupid I should finish up respectably.

This week has been a taper like last week and the week before....I guess ive been concentrating more on speedwork and as a result distance has suffered. I'm not going to make any great gains by ramping out 50km runs now until May 14th so no point putting myself in injury's way. Really happy with the way my running is going when I do actually make it out for a run...

Monday - Standard run to NRG then some really good hill sprints. Felt super strong and pushed it hard to the point where I almost felt like throwing up. Recovered easily enough. Averaging 3.19min/kms on the 500m loops. Heart rate maxed out at 192bpm
(PM) 10.56km - 50min - 4.44min/km
(PM) 10.38km - 49min 48sec -4.48min/km

Tuesday - Easy run home
(PM)11km - 46min 46sec - 4.14min/km

Wednesday - Rest and pizza day

Thursday - Run home on a shorter route. Pushed the pace though and felt pretty strong.
(PM) 9km - 35min 17sec - 3.54min/km

Friday - Normal run home. Those stairs and hills from the bridge and up to North Sydney still kill me. However this was a record run for me so very pleased.
(PM) 11km - 42min 55sec - 3.53min/km

Saturday - Raining hard outside but i ventured out and decided to hit the road rather than get bogged down in the bush. Planned to do 20km at a reasonable pace. Probably set out a bit too fast and was feeling pretty rough only 3km's in. Told myself to run on to 5km and see how i feel and fortunately I started to regain some composure. Set out to run the first 10km in an average of 4.05min/kms but was delighted to hit the turnaround  in 38min 25secs.  Still feeling composed i turned round and held the pace all the way home. In actual fact I was in such a good rhythm I wished I was running a marathon as it was one of those days when everything clicked. Well on pace to smash my recent half marathon pb. A real confidence builder and a total surprise. A quicker second half had me finish up in 1hr 15mins and 50secs
(AM) 20km - 1hr15min 50sec - 3.47min/km (500ml water)

Sunday - Nice easy recovery run down to the Rotary Field. Wanted to check this out as im interested in doing some formal speed sessions at some point over the course of the year. Just over 5km away so wouldnt be a bad warmup to get there.
(PM) 11.33km - 49min 30sec -

Total - 83.33km - 5hr 50min 16secs


  1. man that 45 looks like serious business...i expect your too busy kicking arse to take photos but it'd be pretty cool to see it!

  2. Good luck with Mt Solitary - don't smash it up too bad before the big one.
    I finally cracked 4.45 pace for my 28km run into the city - still nowhere near your sustained pace but getting quicker :).

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