Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly Summary 28/03/11 - 03/04/11

Pulled up pretty well from last Sundays half marathon and threw myself back into training. Oh yeah, it turns out I was second by just 5 seconds.....
Really need to do more trail running as thats been lacking in recent weeks but overall ive been enjoying myself.
Mileage not high but ive certainly increased the pace. After reading The Lore of Running i've decided to put more quality runs in without overdoing it. Amazing what the body is capable of.

Monday was my standard run to NRG then a really hard session. Must have been 12 long hill sprints - killer. Having said that my legs werent feeling too bad from the effort the day before but i was glad when it was over.
(PM) 9.92km - 46min 29sec - 4.41min/km
(PM) 10.68km - 57min 47sec - 5.24min/km

Tuesday was a real slow run home. Made a conscious effort to slow right dow and keep my HR well under 150bpm.
(PM) 11.20km - 52min 10 sec - 4.39min/km

Wednesday I was feeling good as new. Pushed the pace home and felt great.
(PM) 11km - 46min 12sec - 4.11min/km  (500ml water)

Thursday was a longish run over to Neutral Bay with a couple of really good long hills thrown in. Felt super strong and maintained a decent clip the whole way.
(PM) 20km - 1hr 21min 32sec - 4.04min/km (500ml water)

Friday - Set my alarm to get up early then turned it off in the morning and rolled over and went to sleep. Out on the beers in the evening. Probably have more rest days now im picking the pace up a bit.

Saturday - Didnt have a plan in mind so I headed out the door and ended up in Vaucluse. Hammering the hills around there and double bay. 738meters of climbing. Felt pretty lively and turned round after i realised i had hit 20km. Hadnt bothered to check my watch prior.
(AM) 39km - 2hrs 50min - 4.21min/km (500ml water + 500ml gatorade + 5 cubes of dark choccy)

Sunday - Legs felt fine and didnt want to run too far after Saturdays effort. Just up and down pacific highway speeding up on the hills and running hard on the flat. Felt strong but was a hard session.
(AM) 18km - 1hr 10min 32sec - 3.55min/km (500ml water)

Total - 119.82km - 8hrs 44mins 44sec

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