Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beer Running

On Friday I had a beer at lunchtime then one after work. Not wanting to go home and just watch tv i decided that when i got in i would go for a run. Normally I would never do anything after having a beer and thats really out of pure laziness.

So I got home and laced up and decided I would do my usual hilly 8ish km run but just take it easy and not push it.

Well I felt fantastic! It was a nice warm evening, there was no one else about, I had to use my headtorch on the darker parts of the trail which is always fun. I arrived at the hilly section and I was feeling good. I glided up the hill and felt energised all the way home. Good carbs in beer. I wont be deterred in future!

9.06km in 43.52 and no pain in either of my itbs. I was sure there was going to be discomfort because all day at work i was experiencing sharp pains in my right buttock and thigh. However the moment i put my trainers on with the new orthotics it went away.

Having said that, the orthotics are certainly going to take some getting used to. Having a solid piece of foam under my arches is a strange sensation. Im just worried it will give me foot pain. Something ive never experienced yet. Fingers crossed!

Today I had an appointment around 9km away so i used this as an opportunity to take my bike out. Its a dirt cheap bike and it feels like one! I was exhausted. I think I would have gotten to my destination faster and in less of state had I run. I wasnt built for cycling!

Tonight i am out on the town but I hope to get out for a run tomorrow. Highly likely this will be later on in the day due to the large number of cocktails im shortly going to consume :)

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