Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly Summary

Had a pretty decent week running which is pleasing. Summary:

I've started testing and pushing myself on a nice hilly trail around 6.5km in length. I run from the house down to the start of the trail and down a steep hill then its pretty much uphill all the way. Exhilarating. I time myself once i get to the top then continue on my journey.

On Sunday 22nd I ran this part in my 5 fingers in 33.30 mins. On wednesday in my 5 fingers I did this on 34.30 min but the return leg was a negative split by over 2 minutes which was cool.

On Friday in the dark I ran this in my running shoes in 30 mins exactly. I was knackered when i reached the summit but felt great.

Saturday was around 33 mins. So pretty consistent. I'd love to do there and back in under 60 mins one day. 12.7km and its hilly so will be tough but it something to work towards.


Monday 23rd August - 13.75km bush run
Wednesday 25th August - 12.67km bush run
Friday 27th August - 9.11km bush run
Saturday 28th August - 20.27km bush run
Sunday 29th August - 21.85km bush run

Total - 5 runs
07:16:39 h:m:s

A good week overall, ITB felt ok. Conscious to build up slowly and to stay off the roads as much as possible. Will look to break 80km next week.

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