Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 Year On

As the title suggests its been just over 1 year since I started running properly. I thought I would post some stats covering this off:

2009 = 683km - 46,000 calories
2010 = 1704km - 110,685 calories

Looking at the calories burnt i've figured out I've used up 62 days worth if we accept the average person burns 2,500 calories per day.

No wonder I literally cannot stop eating!

Seems to be a gradual improvement and if I can stay injury free and run consistently from month to month, something that I have been unable to do, then I should see my times improve.

Week thus far:

Monday: 8.3km run home on the pavement. 41.29
Tuesday: Morning - 12.63km trail run. 1:07:51
Evening - 7.81km run home on pavement. Smacked my big toe and made it bleed. Ran with a trail of blood for 4km. 37.55

Wednesday - Decided not to get up early to run. Plan to run the 20odd km's home though. Toe still sore.

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