Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly Summary 13/09/10 - 19/09/10

Another pretty good week of running. Decent mileage for marathon training and my legs feel nice and fresh.
Had a fun run this saturday morning before breakfast. Took my garmin visat hcx gps out with me as i was exploring a new area. Was looking to run some trails near Turramurra. I ended up not really knowing where i was and found myself on top of a large rock overlooking miles and miles of bushland. Really wished i had my camera with me. My garmin suggested there were some tracks in the bush, so I made my way down and bush bashed till I came across the tracks. Really slow going because of this but great fun. I didnt see a single sole. Turned out to be a decent long run before the marathon in October.

Today I nipped out before breakfast for some speed work. Legs felt great after Saturday's run so I thought i would pick up the pace and do a loop of my local area. Great loop as it starts out with a gentle incline for 1km, then flattens out for a couple of kms before picking up a gradual incline again. Once i hit the bush its downhill for a couple more kms before beginning the ascents. The ascents are such a great workout, just straight up. Really takes it out of me but its a great sense of achievement coasting up them. Always a good gauge of fitness and gives a reliable indication of how my legs are feeling. Todays case, they were feeling great. I did however trip as i normally do running this trail and grazed the left side of my body. Just the adrenaline rush I need towards the end of a run.

Stats for the week below:

Monday - 20.52km, road, 1hr 44min
Tuesday - 20.29km, road, 1hr 44min
Wednesday - 9.12km, trail, 44min 41sec
Thursday - 20.26km, road, 1hr 41min
Friday - rest
Saturday - 36.56km, trail/road, 3hrs 41min
Sunday - 12km, trail/road, 54mins, 28secs

Total - 118.76km - 10:31:14 h:m:s

Saturdays run:


  1. thanks fir the comment, man your mileage is pretty blown away by how far you run each week! I notice you went from half to ultra....blimey, i aim for canberra full next year, an almost insurmountable goal, or thats how it feels, then 6 foot track ? seems ridiculous writing it ?

  2. Thanks for the comments. Your mileage is more than I did this week, well done! :) Did 95 kilometers this week, I was in London over the weekend and didn't have time to run as much as I wanted to, but I went running in Hyde Park and around the West End this morning and the total distance were 15 km. This week I think I will try to follow my training schedule which is 130 km. Let's see how it's going! Keep on running! :D