Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Light Week - Summary 20/09/10 - 26/09/10

This week I have taken 3 rest days.

Thursday off as I went out for a colleagues birthday drinks after work (too lazy to get up in the morning)

Friday off as I was moving house all day long (The girlfriend would not have been impressed if I had taken off  for a run!)

Sunday off as I just dont feel like running today. Shin bones feel a little sore and I just fancy enjoying some quality time in my new place.

I've had a pretty decent month so  a light recovery week will do me good. I will be having another day off tomorrow as I am travelling interstate and just wont have the time. I guess this is a fairly good taper for the marathon coming up in October.

Monday - 20.35km - road - 1hr 40 mins (Vibram 5 Fingers)
Tuesday - 20.32km - road - 1hr 37mins
Wednesday - 20.08 - road - 1hr 44mins
Thursday - rest
Friday - rest
Saturday - 28km - road - 2hrs 17 mins (28 degrees)
Sunday - rest

Total - 88.75 km - 7hr 20mins

A satisfactory week. I had a great run on Tuesday and with the marathon coming up on the 9th i guess now is a good time to start increasing speed and cutting down mileage whilst being careful to not overcook myself.

I had no trail runs this week which is the only disappointment but im not going to beat myself up over it.


  1. hey, you ever had knee problems or ankle probs before, i have both, sore, cross training making it told its normal as you go from half to full marathon volume but im very frustrated

  2. never had ankle problems. I had itbs a couple of months ago which was a pain. had to rest up for a month and that was the hardest thing to do. just spent the time doing weights in the gym but avoiding legs weights.

    currently im suffering from shin splints. seem to get really tight for the first few kms then gets better as i warm up.

    i dont think anyone is perfect