Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekly Summary

This week has been fairly reasonable. I had 2 days off running due to work committments and laziness, but this is fine as im only training for a marathon, not an ultramarathon!

Monday 12.72km - 61.34 - trails
Tuesday 20.44km - 104.12 -road
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday 19.78km - 108.11 - trails
Friday - rest
Saturday - 31km - 147.32 - road
Sunday - 22.87km - 119.13 - road/trail

Total - 106.82km - 09:00:44 h:m:s

Most pleasing run was my saturday run. Just hit the road and picked up the pace. Downhill for the first half and on the return uphil leg i made it home with a negative split of 30 seconds. A real marathon training run to see where I am at. Details below

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