Friday, September 3, 2010

Non-Stop Eating Machine

Since i've started running i've lost alot of weight. Down from around 90kg to 79kg. I certainly wasnt fat before hand but there is a lot less of me than there was before.

Having said that, my appetite is insatiable. All i think about is my stomach and how to fill out. Im conscious to not lose any more weight as I really do not like the typical runners physic so im constantly trying to take in enough calories to stop the weight lose.

For example, last night I ran the 20.5km home from work. I had a huge chicken and mushroom pie at 7.15pm. By 9pm I had to have an enormous bowl of museli and by 10pm I had eaten a toasted cheese sandwich! So in 3 hours I had pretty much eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner. Good going!

Whats important is to listen to your body if you are training hard. If it is hungry then feed it. You cant work out properly unless you are eating well and running has to be the number 1 activity in which you can over indulge.

Today is my off day from running, having been at it for 7 days straight. Its important on your off day to still eat as much as your normally would as you are in recovery mode. This is why at 11.45am I am about to tuck into more chicken pie!

Happy eating!


  1. Isn't that the reason why we do this stuff anyway - love to eat! Makes sense though when you're burning off an extra 2000 calories during the run, plus the residual increase to your metaboloism for many hours after, you should be eating for 2 (or more somedays).

    Just remember that your immune system needs fuel too, so we've just gotta keep eating.

    Good to see you're getting back on track with your training. I used to live in Roseville up until Oct last year and would run those tracks around Davidson regulary. Just love that section around the Cascades, feel like you're in the middle of nowhere!

    Keep at it

  2. I agree! I got into running so that I could stay fit and at the same eat lots of things without gaining weight! :D But of course, it is all about eating good stuff- not junk ;)

    Keep on running and keep on feeding yourself! :D