Monday, August 9, 2010

Road to Recovery

Its been a long time since my last post. The reason being is my lack of running!

The ITB seemed to be worsening and it got to the stage where i couldnt go further than 4km. This was after a months rest.

Last Wednesday I saw chiropracter who first told me my pelvis was out of alignment along with my upper back. He said this would definitely contribute to the pain i was having and suggested orthotics if i want to run silly distances - which i do :)

He performed some acupuncture on me which was an interesting experience and left me for 20 minutes whilst it worked its magic. The acupuncture really hits the spot. I felt totally worked after that and felt like I had received a beating. I then had my pelvis put back into place along with my back and knees. He suggested I try running again 2 days later...

Apprehensively I went for a run on saturday in my 5 fingers. I wasnt overly confident of being able to run my usual 8km loop but off i went slightly cautiously. About 4 km in i felt some twinges, the itb was threatening to kick in. So i slowed down and turned around and ran another 4 km to home. So 8km in under 40 mins wasnt too bad. I was pleased with the result and it was a marked improvement. However not quite perfect as i felt it was going to give in at any moment.

On sunday i tried my luck again. This time i wanted to run a hilly 8.7km loop in my 5 fingers. I felt great from the get go. Again some slight discomfort around the 4km mark but much less than the previous day. This time i was charging up and down hills so really testing my itb. I arrived home again in under 40mins averaging 4.29min/km which i was really pleased with.

I will be running home tonight then with any luck going for a run with Phill. This should take my distance to around 10 or so kms tonight. A great test for me.

On Wednesday i am seeing the chiropractor who is fitting me with orthotics. Im happy to go with his advice on the evidence of my previous 2 runs. He really assured me the longer distances require good bio-mechanics.

I shall keep you posted!

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