Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My First Barefoot Run

Today i finally decided to lose the shoes and run free.

The reason being my itb is irritating me so i wanted to try something different.

Like most runners im highly impatient when recovering from an injury and i want to be back running asap! However each time i run i always have to push the distance just that little bit more than i know i should. This is especially so with an itb injury. As the fitness is there, who wants to stop running after 8km!?!?! Only just getting warmed up!

So i decided the only way to limit my running is my going barefoot. I headed out my front door and onto the road. Nice and cool underfoot. This is a totally different experience than running in vibram 5 fingers. I really had to watch every foot fall and avoid the glass and hard stones. This instantly slows you down and makes you cautious. There was one part of really rough road but the rest was relatively smooth pavement.

I ran 4.20km in 24.21 mins. It was always going to be extremely slow but thats part of the reason for doing it. More than anything I really enjoyed it and hope to be out there again tomorrow!

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