Wednesday, October 20, 2010

5km Time Trial

Monday night I went along to Norths Running Group (NRG) for the first time. Monday nights are apparently interval training night and my plan is to start structuring my running more as I want to get faster. Interval training is the way to go!

However, after I had run the 10km to get there, I was told by the friendly group of runners (about 30 in total) that every 6 weeks they have a 5km time trial and i was unlucky enough to be here on that night. Oh well.

We split into 3 groups, slow, medium, fast. Tentatively I put myself in with the fast group. I am here afterall to push myself.

We jog about 1km to the starting point and I'm told the course is a fairly hilly out and back.

The slow group goes first followed 2 mins later by the medium group then 2 mins later by the faster group.

Immediately i am out the blocks and find myself behind the 2nd man in front. I'm happy enough to sit off his shoulder for 1km or so then i surge past on a hill. The faster guy is way ahead so i concentrate on maintaining my pace and surviving whilst my heart rate averages 185bpm!

We soon pass the other runners and eventually pass the whole field just after the 3km mark. All uphill from then and finally after 18mins and 30 seconds i cross the finish line exhausted. (forgot to stop my garmin hence the discrepancy)

Having never run sub 4 min kilometers before i was delighted to have run 5 sub 4mins in a row.

I feel like I have over come a mental hurdle and I'm excited by the prospect of getting faster.

My focus now is to concentrate sensibly on improving speed whilst backing off from the long slow runs.

Having said that, this Saturday I'm out with a group of guys to run a planned 50kms or so in the bush. Cant wait!

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