Saturday, October 2, 2010

Monthly Summary - September

September has been without doubt my best month of running since i started keeping tabs a year ago.

My previous high was 290km way back in March. I think the reason for my increased mileage is purely logistical. I spent a month living at my girlfriends parents place which is around 20km from where i work, so most of the time i used to run home from work.

I now live much closer to the office so it will be slightly harder to maintain the mileage.

Count: 21 Activities

Distance: 418.24 km

Time: 36:12:51 h:m:s

Elevation Gain: 8,467 m

Avg HR: 148 bpm

Calories: 23,029 C

Avg Time: 01:43:28 h:m:s

Avg Distance: 19.92 km

Avg Speed: 11.5 km/h

This week i plan on taking it easy. I havent been able to run the last few days as my shins have been sore. I have a trail marathon coming up next saturday so i hope to be fit for it. I'll be braving the rain today and going out for a slow test run today to see how i hold up. I think (hoping) the issue with my shins is because i have been setting off too quickly on my runs recently. I just need to relax and warm up into it. Looks like its going to be a muddy one today!

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