Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Summary - 25/10/10 - 31/10/10

Monday (pm) - 9.6km - road - 48min 55sec - Run to NRG
Monday (pm) - 11.66km - 57min 25secInterval training with NRG. Felt hard but managed to maintain a decent clip. 500ml water

Tuesday (am) - 7.48km - trail/road - 44min 42sec - Felt dreadful. Found some bush but it was slow going and slippery and i couldnt get into a rythm. Got frustrated with all the spiders webs and i  jacked my run in and hit the gym instead. 500ml water
Tuesday (pm) - 10.91km - road - 49min 35sec - Run home from work. Felt flat and a bit rubbish. Glad to get home.

Wednesday (pm) - 11km - road - 50min 54sec - Run home - Felt hard again. Didnt enjoy the run,

Thursday (am) - 15.19km - road - 1hr 10min 23sec - Felt great. Negative split my 6 mins.  500ml water

Friday (am) - 15.08km - road - 1hr 6min 18sec - Set out slow with the plan to warm and run the second half quicker. Felt easy and wish I had more time. Negative split by 7 mins. Best run of the week. The last 3km were all under 4 mins which was pleasing. 500ml water
Friday (pm) - 11km - road - 50min 35sec - Felt relaxed and took it easy. Was keen to get home for a curry.

Saturday (pm) - 11.84km - road - 57min 25sec - Run home from respite centre - Actually felt hard and not much fun sadly. 500ml water

Sunday (am) - 26.51km - road/trail - 2hrs 18mins 37sec - Run from home to St Ives show groun to run the 9km course i'll be racing on saturday. First half of the course is downhill and should be fun. Some real steep climbs after that which should prove testing. Felt hard today and I was forced to walk some of the inclines. Ran out of fluids too. Ok run overall, took it reasonably easy and enjoyed the scenery. 500ml water + 500ml water with 1 nuun tablet.

Total - 10 runs - 130.29km - 10hrs 34min 53 sec - Highest weekly mileage for me so far this year. Nice and consistent and pleased with how the week ended given my struggles at the start. Plan to take it easy this next week as I think my body is crying out for a little rest and i'm keen to be fresh for the Bare Creek Trail Run next Sunday

Friday's morning run:

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