Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Summary

Just 4 runs this week. Concentrating mostly on speed but yesterdays run was an 8hr slog on parts of the Great North Walk. Fantistic scenery, loads of wildlife but no real opportunities so stretch the legs. Great training for time spent on my feet though, slighty sore in the bum today but otherwise feel great.

Plans for next week are to definitely start my morning runs and increase the mileage slightly.

9km trail race early november and Glenbrook marathon end of November are my focus.

Weekly Total - 89km - 11hrs 4 mins


  1. i noticed you burned 2900 cals on your crazy 50km run....thats like an extra days what a mammoth run!

  2. was a fair hike but awesome bit of country,

    yeah certainly burnt off the calories yesterday. only ate 4 bananas and a bagel during the run too. insatiable appetite today as a result.

    great to see your back up and running. feels good to start up again after an injury doesnt it.

  3. Looks like an awesome run on Saturday - must have got damn hot out there at stages!