Thursday, February 24, 2011

Record Breaking Run Home!!

Wll its been since October when i last tried to run home as fast as possible (45.03). The old post is lying around somewhere.

The fairly uphill 11km took me 43.26 this time round. Kilometer splits below. The best thing was I did this without looking at my watch. I turned it upside down so I was running home by feel without any intention of breaking my record.

1 04:19

2  03:51

3  04:00

4 04:11

5 03:30

6 04:33

7  03:54

8  04:13

9  03:41

10  03:39

11  03:29

Summary  11.00km  03:56min/km

Pretty chuffed with how that turned out. Was hard going but certainly not killer. The longer stuff seems to be paying off. Really pleased with the last km. Dont see any reason why I wouldnt be able to hit a 35 minute 10km with a bit of fine tuning.... and on a flat course

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