Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Summary - 7/02/11 - 13/02/11

After last weeks Megalong Mega my legs felt pretty smashed up until about Wednesday. Guess im not used to hammering down the hills so much.

I skipped the monday interval training with NRG as my legs had zero pep and opted for a recovery session instead.
24.37km - 2hrs - 4.59min/km

Tuesday was a good run home and a gym session.
10.11km - 46min - 4.31min/km

Wednesday i managed to haul myself out of bed for a morning session and ran home in the evening.
20km - 1hr 31 - 4.33min/km   (5 minute negative split ) AM
11km - 52min 30sec - 4.46min/km

Thursday was a standard boring run home.
11.11 - 52min 25 sec - 4.42min/km

Friday my alarm didnt go off so no morning run. Out with Phill in the evening so no run their either. So enjoyed my rest day.

Saturday was a highlight. Not a scenic run by any means as it was just up and down the Pacific Highway but i wanted to inject some speed into it. Felt super super strong the whole way. Got quicker and quicker the further i went. 7 minute negative split
36km - 2hr 36min 25sec - 4.20min/km (7 minute negative split)

Sunday i woke up feeling fresh so decided to run down to The Spit and run to Manly. I didnt want to run further than 30km so ended up only doing a fraction of that track but I hit some decent hills there and back. Legs full of fight, I was expecting them to feel heavy from Saturday. But they didnt. And I didnt do a single stretch or cooldown. Amazing..
31km - 2hr 22min 18sec - 4.35min/km

All up, a decent week. I thought I was going to struggle to get in the 140's after taking a day off and skipping my morning runs but a solid weekend of running put me back in the running to hit target.

The next couple of weeks im really going to have to be strict about getting my morning runs in to give me a chance of getting 600kms for the month. Not out of reach yet and after 2 weeks im feeling fresh and faster than ever.


  1. Awesome week Ian! 4.20 is my 10km PB - holding it for 36km is an awesome effort. What was the pulse rate like? Glad the heap is going good - you'll nail Mt Solitary.

  2. cheers Nick,

    pulse rate was surprisingly good. around 150 average for the first half. then took it off as the battery was dying so i was getting low readings. im guessing 160 average all up. felt very comfortable

  3. your bloody easy run is faster than thew 2nd longest ive ever done....nice work!