Sunday, February 6, 2011

A solid week!

I've had a good start to this month, managing to wake up early enough to hit my morning runs. Helped by the fact its been stinking hot in the evening this hasnt been too much of a struggle and got easier as the week went by.

Without going in to too much detail the months stats are:

12hrs 50 minutes
10 runs
3654 metres of elevation gain

So, best week of running to date. Pretty much to schedule and i felt stronger as the week went on.

Finished off with todays Fatass Event - Megalong Mega. 36km along the hilly parts of the 6ft track. Great fun. Had about 8 litres of fluid in my back pack. Overkill but I heard it can get quite nasty. As  it turns out the heat wasnt too much of a factor. Good training lugging all that weight around though.

Hit the halfway mark in 1hr 59 and then finished up in 3hrs 44 minutes. No idea how this compares to everyone else but i felt strong and didnt push myself particularly.

I hope next week im able to maintain this.

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