Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Summary 14/02/11 - 20/02/11

Good week overall. I was worried at the start as I didnt make it out on Monday at all. Had planned my usual run home and was going to skip NRG interval training because of Valentines day but I had to work late so took the train straight home. Had a lovely dinner to make up for it. Some times an enforced rest day is good anyway.


Tuesday I hauled myself out of bed for a decent morning session. However im getting a little bored of the roads where i live. I wish there was more bush to crash around in before work. Of course there is, I would just need to get up earlier than i already do to take advantage of it. Dark at 5.30am on the rare occasions I do my morning run and ive noticed it doesnt start getting light until at least 6.30am now.
Tuesday evening I was feeling ok and decided to do my usual lap of centennial and queens park before running home. Nice run to do now and again.

(AM)18km - 1hr 17min - 4.18min/km  (600ml water)
(PM)25km - 1hr 52min - 4.29min/km (1litre water +1 trail bar)

Wednesday was a standard boring run home. Some days it feels fun to run home and some days it feels like a bit of a chore and hard work. Wednesday was a chore. Beats sitting on a bus for almost an hour anyway..

(PM)11.03km - 50min 45sec - 4.36min/km (500ml water)

Thursday I battled with myself to get up at 5.30 for a morning run. Changed it up slightly and did 8 x 2kmish loops close to where i live. There is a nice big incline, not a long incline but very steep which i thought would be fun to attack. I said to myself i would only do 5 loops as the thought of doing anymore at 5.30am was unappealing. Silly mind games i have to play with myself now and again. At the end of the 5th loop I told myself to just do another one and that would be it. At the end of that loop I decided to do a warm down loop and after that I thought I might as well do another. Then it was time for breaky!
Thursday evening was my usual run home. Felt much better than Wednesday.

(AM)16.45km - 1hr 19min - 4.47min/km (500ml water)
(PM)11.02km - 48min - 4.22min/km (500ml water)

Friday morning my alarm went off and I turned it off immediately. Rest day then - as i never do anything on Friday afternoon as thats my social time. However this Friday I finished work a little earlier than usual so decided i would do a nice slow run on the trails at Lane Cove National Park. Really good fun and I found some tracks I hadnt been on before. Got a bit lost so ended up running further than I had planned.

(PM)26.26km - 2hr 19min - 5.17min/km (1litre water)

Saturday my motivation to go for a long run was rather low, besides it was hot outside. I couldnt be bothered doing to much so I did the run up the road and back. Felt pretty average but a decent time in the end. Kilometer split average of 4.24 was the same at the halfway mark.

(AM)20km - 1hr 28 - 4.24min/km (600ml water)

Sunday morning was another hot one. Didnt leave the house until 10am which was a slight mistake. Decided to run up to St Ives then through the bush to Frenchs Forest to Phills's parents place. Went purposely slow as it was scorching. A good hilly route - very undulating. Ran out of water about 8km in and there were no petrol stations around. Luckily after 12km i found a church with a tap outside and i doused myself under that and filled up my water bottle. Once i hit the trails i was feeling good then i felt something up my nose so i had a scratch and initated a massive nose bleed. I must have looked like a real state. 2 mountain bikers gave me a funny look - a runner pouring sweat happily jogging along with blood all over his face. Good fun.

(AM)21.8km - 1hr 53min - 5.09min/km (1litre water)

Happy with the week. The high mileage training seems to be paying off. Feeling more efficient and able to recover reasonably quickly. Think im pretty much at my max training limit. I dont feel tired or run down at all but I dont have the motivation to run further. I think im at my sweet spot.

Total - 149.68km - 11hr 48mins

More of the same next week. I need to run another 179km by the end of the month to reach my monthly target of 600km. Thats an average of just over 22kms for the next 8 days. Cant wait!

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